Off the Back…

Yes, I am. I was doing well there for a couple days. Oh, blogging, the toughest of all sports.

Anyway, I am going to try to keep this short, as it’s nearly 9:30 and the bed is calling me.  Yes, I am in Vegas, living it up. For me, that means a full nights’ sleep.  Maybe some shufflboard tomorrow if I feel up to it.

So, what a week! We got into the house, which was very exciting. Unfortunately, I had to work all week and then left for Vegas on Saturday, so I’ve left Kelly at home with much to do. And three kids. And two dogs who are still at the other house.  And if you think I am “buttering her up” by posting this, you’re wrong as one of the things she has to do is get the interwebs working, so she can’t even read it. At least not yet.

I was quite sick all week too, the last couple actually, so you can imagine how much fun that was.

Today we couldn’t do much of the set-up… we are constantly at the mercy of the union in this regard, so I went for a bike ride. Hadn’t ridden in forevers (due to moving/sickness/ibike prep) and cracked after a couple hours. Stopped in a ghetto taco bell and had lunch. The upside was that lunch cost me less than $5 with a drink, which I needed as it was probably close to triple digits. You can imagine I was looking pretty sweet in my stretch pants.The downside was umm, so far that wasn’t one… It was good, cheap, fast, the service was even good. Strange times.

I’ll let you think about that for awhile and I’ll call it a night.


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