My Halloween costume is in the mail:

And once again, I find myself off the back and trying to play catch-up. 

Interbike was, umm, a big bike show with lots of bike stuff. I got out of the booth a little on Friday, but mostly just shaking hands and kissing babies. Got to see some cool stuff though.

I managed to avoid paying for dinner the whole trip, so I’ll call that a score.

Other highlights included watching Cross Vegas, walking to the old end of the strip with Tom B, and running into old homeboys.

In “what are the chances?” news, one of my homeboys/teammates from way back in high school, Mike D, happened to be staying in the same hotel on Friday night. This is odd since 1) he’s not in the bike industry and b) we grew up on the east coast.  Anyhoo, they (he and his girlfriend) did not arrive until midnight, which is rather late by my standards, but I had to dig deep and hang out for awhile.  It was good to see him as one of my all-time besties, it had been too long.

Stolen from FB (edit- it was centered on FB, but I don’t have the patience to fix it on the weblog):

Tons of random occurences that are blog worthy, but as I am technologically behind, what happened in Vegas will have to stay in Vegas.

Oh yeah, one funny thing… About half way through the week, I was walking through the smoke casino and I saw a young and attractive girl dressed conservatively and my immediate reaction was “that’s hot!”. It was just so out of the ordinary to see a young lady not hoochified.

Saturday was spent tearing down the booth and driving the slow boat home. It was uneventful, but I was more than ready to be home. Pretty sure, Kelly was ready for me to get home as well. She got a remarkable amount done in my absence, but we still have a lot to do getting the old house rented and everything set in the new.

Well, I am pretty tired now. Fairwell and adieu.


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