Train Wreck

Training. For anyone who has followed this blog for long, you already know… every six months or so, I try to make a training plan for myself. Say something about bringing back the old school pain train, post the “Eye of the Tiger” vid, etc… Unfortunately, by priortizing pretty much everything else in front of cycling, I fail repeatedly after a week or so. That said, like Don Quixote fighting the windmill, I am going to try, try again. The proverbial windmill is getting old and sucking, I guess… “Our El Guapo happens to be the real El Guapo”.

So anyway, I am trying to set my sights low, so that I can maybe actually stick to it. Here’s my planned routine for November:

2 X 30 minute roller rides, so I can use the word “supplesse”. I can do this before anyone else is awake. If I was serious, I would do this everyday before breakfast and then go on my “real ride”.

1-2 X power workouts on the bike. Weight lifting on the bike…seated climbing on the steeps by our house. I can do this after the kids are in bed and be done quick enough to still relax a bit.

2 X short runs. The dogs still need to get out. See above.

3 X lunch rides- whatever the group wants to do, but one of them in the 53X11, see power and yes, my knees can take it.

1 X endurance ride… No more than 3.5 hours.

So, it is kind of a lot of workouts, but the volume is hopefully manageable. Wish me luck. Or dedication. Or something.


Airbag Helmet

Yes, I already posted this on FB. What I don’t understand is why it doesn’t just cover your whole body.

AB Ride

We had the annual Allan Butler memorial ride up Emigration Canyon this morning. Good memories, and good times, caught up with some folks I hadn’t seen in awhile. We totally lucked out on the weather, with some light drizzle at the beginning, but the sun was shining at the top. Not to get all religulous, but I defintely got the feeling he was watching us… and probably laughing as I struggled to say something appropriate.

Some special guest appearances were made, including the mop 

I wonder how many people recognized him????

Thanks again for the salsa, BTW.

Belov from American Flyers was also on hand:

Apparently, he is coming back with Jamis-Sutter Home next year.

Jesse Westergard also made a reappearance in my life, which makes me very happy. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to get a shot of him.

Most of the drive home was in a downpour, so we definitely timed it right!

Anyway, the fence is not putting itself up, so I better get digging.

Team Update

Team member Bradley Gehrig is moving on! He signed a contract with the Jamis-Sutter Home.  It is tough losing some of your best guys every year, but that’s pretty much the point. 

What does this mean for you? Our little team has a spot open. We are mostly looking for young guys that want to turn pro, but are open to anything. 

Yes, Olympic Champion Alexi Grewal wants to race again, so if someone wants to hook us up, we can rap. The fact that he is 50 doesn’t exactly mesh with the development team, but I’m sure he could teach the young guys a lesson. Or two. 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon can’t touch cycling, where I think no one is more than 2 degrees of separation apart, so the odds are pretty good that someone could get us together. On the other hand, we are open to rapping with anyone else with a good story too, so hit us up.

I think we are becoming the Bad News Bears… No budget, all heart, turning out a new pro every year. Okay, it’s only been two years, but still… we are on target.


Doping… It’s out there, but you can’t go into races with a losing mentality. You have no control over how someone else prepares for an event, but you can show up physically and mentally prepared. And with a clean conscience.

With all the recent doping news, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought… I am not a great cyclist. By any stretch.  I would say I have a reasonably high level of natural ability, but not through the roof, by any means. Despite this, I managed to secure a contract with a 3rd division (“pro”) team at 22, with a completed degree in my backpocket.  I have never won any big races, but I have managed to win about 30 Pro 1/2 races and have never used anything harder than a Monster Energy, and most of those were with a full-time job and kids.  I am not tooting my own horn (okay, I am a little) here, these aren’t big races, but when I hear people are doping for Master’s or even Cat. 3 races, I just don’t know what to make of it. 

One of the recent US headliners (not something to be proud of, these days!), I’ve known for some time. Yes, it was “Mr. 3 strikes, you’re out… for life”.  In all my dealings with him, he was a pretty much a decent guy. So, it’s true what they say. Dickheads dope and nice guys do too.  I don’t know why someone would be otherwise an okay person, but they can legitimize what is clearly cheating in their own mind.  I guess when you turn pro with Mapei, maybe that changes your perspective of things, so maybe I am lucky I am not of the “super talented” lot.

I will admit that when I was pursuing pro cycling, I was relatively naive to what was going on. I realized it was there, but it’s now becoming apparent how bad it was. I guess it became apparent as I progressed. Or did not progress, as the case wound up being!  But I’m not blaming that on doping. And I don’t have any regrets.

Easy Like Sunday Morning…

Pretty chill at the moment.

First time I’ve felt both “awake” and “relaxed” in the past month or so. Finally got the dogs to the new place, so that is one small step for Turbo kind. Still need to fence the yard though, so they are stuck in the kennel… meaning I will be doing a lot of that thing that’s like walking, but slightly faster. Oh yeah, “running”.

Fingers crossed- we may have a renter as well, which would be a huge step in the right direction.

Loving the garden and all the fruit trees at the new place. Like our own garden of eden. I am having no trouble getting my 5 a day, that’s for sure. 

Haven’t been what you’d call “training” but here is an artistic rendering I like to call “Winter beater bike in the halloween colorway”:


So, these guys came up in a twitscussion today and while I don’t usually go the fanboy route, I am picking up what they are throwing down.  If you have not been following Ritte Racing , go check them out. It’s worth it for the blog alone. 

***No, they are not a sponsor. I have spoken at most 3 words to anyone affiliated with the company. I just like that they are having fun.