Team Update

Team member Bradley Gehrig is moving on! He signed a contract with the Jamis-Sutter Home.  It is tough losing some of your best guys every year, but that’s pretty much the point. 

What does this mean for you? Our little team has a spot open. We are mostly looking for young guys that want to turn pro, but are open to anything. 

Yes, Olympic Champion Alexi Grewal wants to race again, so if someone wants to hook us up, we can rap. The fact that he is 50 doesn’t exactly mesh with the development team, but I’m sure he could teach the young guys a lesson. Or two. 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon can’t touch cycling, where I think no one is more than 2 degrees of separation apart, so the odds are pretty good that someone could get us together. On the other hand, we are open to rapping with anyone else with a good story too, so hit us up.

I think we are becoming the Bad News Bears… No budget, all heart, turning out a new pro every year. Okay, it’s only been two years, but still… we are on target.


8 thoughts on “Team Update

  1. He could totally do it too, but he has a good thing going being diverse and into skiing, rock climbing, cycling, and being cool instead of putting it all on bike racing.

  2. I’m not old, I’m 37. Or at least I will be next season. Had I started this bike racing gig at 15 instead of 35, maybe I’d apply. Bryce Young might be a guy to target, though. I think he’s the only 2 on his team and might appreciate some support.

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