Train Wreck

Training. For anyone who has followed this blog for long, you already know… every six months or so, I try to make a training plan for myself. Say something about bringing back the old school pain train, post the “Eye of the Tiger” vid, etc… Unfortunately, by priortizing pretty much everything else in front of cycling, I fail repeatedly after a week or so. That said, like Don Quixote fighting the windmill, I am going to try, try again. The proverbial windmill is getting old and sucking, I guess… “Our El Guapo happens to be the real El Guapo”.

So anyway, I am trying to set my sights low, so that I can maybe actually stick to it. Here’s my planned routine for November:

2 X 30 minute roller rides, so I can use the word “supplesse”. I can do this before anyone else is awake. If I was serious, I would do this everyday before breakfast and then go on my “real ride”.

1-2 X power workouts on the bike. Weight lifting on the bike…seated climbing on the steeps by our house. I can do this after the kids are in bed and be done quick enough to still relax a bit.

2 X short runs. The dogs still need to get out. See above.

3 X lunch rides- whatever the group wants to do, but one of them in the 53X11, see power and yes, my knees can take it.

1 X endurance ride… No more than 3.5 hours.

So, it is kind of a lot of workouts, but the volume is hopefully manageable. Wish me luck. Or dedication. Or something.


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