Ya Herd

So, pretty much all my “friends” probably already know this as I passed it on FB/Twitbox already, but I was out for a lunch ride today -unreal November weather BTW- and I stumbled upon a herd of antelope only kilometers (I hear it is better in metric) from my work.


Okay, I don’t carry a camera with me, so I pulled that off google images, but it was just like that!! Pretty rad. I see deer constantly, saw three across the street on Saturday and was able to go get the girls and get pretty close to them, but antelope are somewhat of a rarity. I will take that as a sign that I am destined to make a triumphant return to Antelope Island next year.

In other news, A local business is sponsoring a team that is trying to register as a continental team. No, not Exergy… that’s old hat. The bit about realcyclist.com… I am shocked, shocked I tell ya that the first I would hear of such a thing would be on bikingnews. Anyone know the score?


2 thoughts on “Ya Herd

  1. RealCyclist helped out the remnants of the Bahati (?) team last year during the Tour of Utah. I think they were called “On the Rivet” or something like that. The Pistachio must be the new title sponsor and RealCyclist is staying on with them.

    I think

  2. Interesting. The Pistachio thing is separate- they were a co-sponsor of Adageo this year and, I assume, have taken over title sponsorship.

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