Road Trip Season

Big day on the road yesterday, with my first appointment up in Logan. This is basically the I-da-ho border for my out-of-state (or out of touch) readers. I gotta say I am enjoying the rep game.  I am able to meet a lot of cool folks and windshield time is not an issue for me. 

Anyway, after a long day out, I decided the car could use some love before we get into the meat of road trip season. The tires on the wagon were looking pretty bad, so I decided to get ‘er rebooted and a blood transfusion (oil change) as well.

My California girl has a tough time with winter, and me, I just love road tripping, so we tend to fly south for in the winter with considerable regularity, beginning week after next with our annual trip to visit my mom and her husband for Thanksgiving. My sister makes the pilgrimage, along with her husband, and two kids from Boston, so it’s a highlight of my year. 

Having a huge network of red dirt trails less than a mile from their door doesn’t hurt either. I haven’t ridden my cross bike yet this year and that’s typically what I take. I have to hold myself back and realize it’s a family trip and not a training adventure though, so I’ll keep rides pretty short as always.

*Yes, this is a photo from Sedona. I was too lazy to take off my pie plate.

Anyway, we’ll have a few weeks back on the frozen tundra* and after Christmas, we’ll hit out for a week at Kelly’s folks place in Long Beach. 

*For the record, things are rarely that bad in the valley here winter-wise. I find that you can usually ride outside pretty much all winter- minus a few really bad days.


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