Rear Ended

Yeah, I got “rammed from behind” on the freeway tonight. The truck in front of me slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop. I had enough room to slow down without skidding, but the lady behind me couldn’t quite get stopped in time and gave me a little nudge. I am fine.  The car is mostly fine, will probably need a new bumper. You probably wouldn’t even notice it. 

And to think, 9 times out 10 I’d have driven the jeeper and gotten away without a scratch.

For the record, this is my 2nd crash since starting this position five years ago. You remember Teal Jetta, right? Previously, I had never crashed (don’t call it an “accident”). You could blame getting old, but I think the commute is just dangerous. 

Before anyone says it, yeah, I just bought a house that is at least as far as my previous one from my office. What are you going to do? We found a house we love in the perfect area for us… except for the commute!  I may not be at this job forever (not that I’m leaving, either), but we could be in this house forever. The kids can walk to school. And they’ll be able to for middle school. And high school. And the access to the Provo Canyon (read Alpine Loop) is unreal.  And the house is as close to perfect as we were going to afford, anywhere.  Maybe I am re-convincing myself a bit here…

In any case, happy to be unharmed!


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