Warning: Geeky content

So, a few weeks back I did a post on my latest attempt to suck a little less at biking. It is going okay. I did a couple good weeks and then kinda fell of the wagon. I mean I anticipated going easy for Thanksgiving being on family vacay and all, and I got a few rides in that week and a couple runs as well, but… it’s taken me a few days to get back in the swing of things.

Tomorrow’s the first of December, so I am trying hard to get myself going again. I don’t have time to put in huge base miles, so I need to maintain decent fitness all year. I did a little test before Thanksgiving that went really well, but then the above time off plus a couple gained pounds during the week…

Alright, enough nerdity. You know you love it.


2 thoughts on “Warning: Geeky content

  1. I do…I love it. Wait, what’s “it”?

    I’m impressed you continue to find motivation. Mine left eons ago. I do hope it comes back in the next year or so. I brought my bike to Scottsdale and rode with a few groups, and I was delighted to be able to go with the strong guys…but I’ve got nothing over 40 miles. NOTHING.

    And what’s with the Napoleon picture?? to get our attention?

  2. Praise Jeebus, another comment!!
    “It” is geeky training content. Motivation has never been an issue. Although riding in place still does nothing for me, unlike Krieg who told me he’s done 150 hours on the trainer already and the only outdoor ride he has done is a cross race!!

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