My New Mantra

“If you slack, you’re gonna suck.” Nelson Vails

So simple, yet so profound. Credit where it’s do… I stole the quote from Beth Leasure’s excellent blog.

Of course, it first struck me as a cyclist. I think for awhile there I can prided myself on slacking as a cyclist… Not that I was really slacking, just different priorities. I guess, but I was proud of my ability to be competitive on a relatively low training volume.  But then… I kinda sucked. Of course, sucking is relative. Point is… I want to take pride in doing all that I can to be ready to race. Obviously, my priorities haven’t changed and the volume still won’t be there, but I can do a lot more than I have the last few years.

Then I went a little deeper… what else have I been slacking on?

If you slack as a parent, you are going to suck… Being in the same room (like on facebook or whatever) does not count as quality time!

If you slack as a spouse, guess what? You’re going to suck.

If you slack at work, you are going to suck.

If you slack as a church member, prepare to suck.

Am I slacking as a friend, son, sibling? Please let me know if I am, I don’t want to suck.

What you put in, is what you get back. Like I said, simple. The new goal is not to be the best in the world at anything, but to take everything that I deem “important”… and be a little better.



9 thoughts on “My New Mantra

  1. You need to give yourself more credit!! But I guess the lesson is we can all do better…yes, including me.

    But just so you know…you’re doing a pretty damn good job already!

  2. Check your mailbox… It should be there by now. Maybe it’s the slowdown from the holidays. Seriously, it’s on the way…

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