Two Thoughts…

Digging the new graphics…

On an unrelated note, I had a great conversation on a lunch ride the other day that reminded me of the following:

“At a very early age, I developed what I call a ‘complex testimony’. Instead of a black/white view of Mormonism, I have an Old Testament sort of faith. The writers of the Old Testament presented the prophets as very human vessels, warts and all. Yet God still chose them to be His leaders on earth. That’s how I see Mormonism: It is not a perfect church. It has huge flaws, in both the institution and the people who lead it. They are only human. And I have no trouble accepting that. It’s all part of my faith.”

Excommunicated former BYU professor Dr. Michael Quinn.

I “borrowed” the quote from “Under the Banner of Heaven” and don’t have anything more to add.


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