Back on the Wagon (Ski 4)

Yeah, I just can’t seem to sustain blogging form lately. Moments of greatness mediocrity, followed by a great void…Sounds familiar.

Anyway, took my Morga-muffin skiing yesterday. Unfortunately, Jeffro had lessons all day and could not assist. I could definitely have used the help. She got the idea, but couldn’t quite put it into practice (ie- stop or even slow down much).  Therefore, I pretty much skiied backwards, helds hands with her, or had her betweeen my legs the whole day. Yowch.  Hopefully, we can get her set-up with Jeffy soon as working with him helped Haley immensely. Of course, Haley bird is a couple years older as well.

Saturday I had a great ride with my old friend Gabe. Got in quite a bit of climbing in 3 hours, which is pretty solid for northern Utah in January. Lots of climbs I’d never done too, as Gabe knows all the secrets. Steeeeep climbs, remind me of prepping for the old San Fran GP. If I can get that form back…

Took the girls to the library in the afternoon. Yes, all 3 of them. Gotta give proper props to all the moms and pops who do this regularly. The kids were great, no issues, but you know, herding cats, only have 2 hands, etc. So, anyway, I salute you.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I took the Haley and Morg on a walk around the high school. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but we have a ton of deer in our “new” neighborhood, and with snow melting, there was deer poo everywhere.

The other night the dogs were going crazy, so Kelly went down to yell at them, and there were deer in our front yard, and we had 9 in the cul-de-sac across the street the other day.

Anyway, I have a lot going on at the moment. Working through some issues with the hope of a better existence. Things are good, but they could always be better, right? Wish me luck.


Ski 3 and my new zen mentor

… I have some ground to make up.

Hit up Sundance (the resort, not the film festival!!) last night. You can meet some awesome characters riding the lift solo.

Excerpts from one such conversation:

Me: “You come up here much?”

#1 Awesome Guy: “Wed nights and all day Saturday and Sunday… Not as much as I’d like”.

#1: “Provo Canyon is the embodiment of all that is right in the world”.

Me: “Totally. I don’t know where Disney Land gets off calling itself ‘the happiest place on earth’ when that title clearly belongs to the Alpine Loop.”

As tends to happen with me the conversation turned to cycling. It turns out “#1″ used to be a cyclist.

#1 Awesome Guy: Yeah, my normal Sunday training ride used to be around the (Utah) lake. 100 miles, alone… You just can’t get much more zen than that”.

Me: Totally.

Kindred spirits… Just like that.


Surprise snowstorm… Funny that the forecasters still had it wrong less than an hour before the event… On my drive in, they said light rain and it was snowing hard when I got here.  Anyway, I don’t think I am man enough to hop on the rollers for a second time today, but I am glad I got the first ride in.

I need my own indoor velodrome. With a hill. And some jumps.

Maybe a run tonight. Skiing would be cooler, but Sundance doesn’t do night skiing on Tuesday. Of course, the day it snows!

Blog Form… Not So Good

Kind of a rough week with not much good to report on.

As readers of Kelly’s superblog are well aware, our Piper has been sick for quite awhile now, with basically everyone else getting something short lived. Not sure if they are related, but it’s been rough.

I was due to take Morga-Muffin skiing the weekend, but got hit by some kinda stomach something Saturday afternoon. I never harfed or anything, but just felt queasy all night and then was super lethargic on Sunday.  To the point, I would have preferred to go ahead and launch as I just felt like a lazy ass after sitting around all weekend without even being truly sick- in the barfiest sense of the word… Is that weird?

Conveniently (for me), it struck directly after riding on Saturday, which was a small point of contention for Kelly. Understandable as she’d had a rough week with the kids and then I was completely useless all weekend, but STILL MANAGED TO GET MY RIDE IN.

Anyway, it’s a new day and week, so here we go.  Time to crush it.

Ski #2… No pics, I should get a camera.

Took Haley up to Sundance. I spent an hour or so with her on the bunny slope and then she got one-on-one with her favorite ski instructor uncle. Yes, he is the only ski instructor uncle, but still we are lucky to have him around.  Haley girl has come a long way since last year.

Yesterday I went out to see how dirty it’s possible to make a bicycle on a road ride and I found the answer to be “quite dirty”.  Then we went sledding. The sledding seriously crushed me. I have been tired ever since. 

Nothing else to report really… We’ve been watching the 2nd season of “Flight of the Conchords” and the first season of “Big Love”. Pretty fond of both.

Dinner smells good, better see what’s cooking.

Night Ski #1

Yup, I finally did it. And I’m going to keep track, like last year, to make sure the pass pays for itself.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I didn’t have to “relearn” so much as in past years. Not that I am good. At all. Even with that caveat, on my 3rd run, I got a little too comfortable and ended up going for a 100 meter slide.

It was a bit crusty and pretty crowded. I think Sundance is “the hangout” for a lot of Utah teens on a Friday night. You can imagine how well I fit it. Pretty much a lot cooler hang out than we had as kids though.

Will try to get my Haley bird up there this weekend.

Blog Post

I guess I better post something, lest my vast readership develop SAD. What? That’s not caused by a lack of sweet sweet blogage? Oh, well I’ve already started now.

As my facebook friends know, I had a big training day yesterday.

Session one: Eight Minute Abs

Plan B: Shake Weight (my personal favorite)

Workout 3:  Tony Little Gazelle

I didn’t actually watch any of those videos, so let me know if they are interesting. And sorry if they are “dirty”.

After a week easy, I have been trying to get dow-wown with some good training.  Tuesday was really cold. And I forgot one of my pairs of leg warmers (uh double up, uh, uh), so that didn’t help. It was like 21 degrees when we rolled out, but windy. I’ve ridden down to 7 degrees before. Not pleasant.

Air quality is always a concern this time of year around here. If we don’t have a consistent storm pattern blowing through, dirty air gets trapped in the valleys. SLC had the worst air in the country last week, and Utah occupied 4 of the top 5 (bottom 5) worst spots. Kinda gnarly, but it doesn’t seem to effect me like it does others, so I usually just go anyway. It is a bad sign when the air tastes nasty though.

Haven’t used my ski pass yet… This will be the week though. I can feel it.

TurbOprah’s Book Club

Buy this:

A Dog in a Hat

As we say in Utah, “Oh my heck”.

I knew I would love this book before starting it, but I was still blown away. I got it for Christmas and read it in less than a day. I left it at home while we were on vacation, where it was read by bro-in-law, Jeff, who also loved it. Less than two weeks later, I am reading it again. So, um, yeah, this will be a pretty positive review… If you can even call it a review.

Dave Stoller has nothing on Joe Parkin (the author). While the fictional Stoller pretended to be Italian, the real life Joe Parkin graduated high school, saved up some money, moved to the heart of bike racing with practically no contacts, and basically became a Belgian pro cyclist. 

Talk about throwing yourself in the deep end. This should be mandatory reading for every young American staying at the U23 house or the Cycling Academy in Belgium. Might make them feel like they have it pretty easy, compared to plowing your own course.

To keep it short- this is my of my new favorites, you should buy it. I’m embarassed I waited so long to read it… Sincerely.

Witness the Fatness

Wait, that’s not the way it’s supposed to go.

Kind of a slack week this week, but it was kind of planned that way, I guess.

I got some good core work done yesterday though shoveling the ice off the dogs’ kennel and the first 1/3 of the driveway (yes, it’s that hard)… We got some snow while we were away for the holidays and a DEEP freeze, then we drove over it all week, and now that it’s weekend magic time, I am trying to do something about it before it snows again- possibly today.

The kennel was particularly enjoyable with “used dog food” in the mix and plenty of yellow snow. 

In other news, I still need to get out on skiis for the first time this year as well. Maybe this weekend??

Trying to think of something fun to do with the girls as well… so if you have an enjoyable arctic passtime, please post it in the comments.

Notes from the drive home…

We made it back to Utah safely, and that’s what counts I guess. Some random stuff from the drive:

The most snow we saw the whole drive was on the Cajon Pass… It was already snowing at the base, which I’ve never seen.  Being the Monday after a holiday week, I figure it was a gift from Himavat to the locals of Big Bear after being overloaded with kooks for two weeks.

Three kids and two adults in a station wagon for 12 hours is getting to be a bit much. I know that’s how everyone did it when we were kids, but wagons were bigger! Saving my pennies for something bigger…

Haley- “Do you know where Justin Bieber lives?”

Me- “No. You want to visit him?”

Haley- “Yes, to tell him he is the best singer EVER!!”

I’ll say.

If anyone finds a Reynolds Assault 46mm full carbon clincher with a blue Continental tire on it along the 15 between Yermo and Primm, please return it to me.  Seriously. Gut wrenching.  I know I won’t get it back, but I hope someone that rides finds it.

Oh yeah, this wasn’t on the trip, but during the trip… I rode about twice what I normally would in a week and gained 2.5lbs. Do the math.

Oh yeah (again), Kelly has officially commited in writing to making her grand reappearance in the bike racing world! I am holding you to this, sweetness!!