Vacation’s all I ever wanted…

Umm, yeah, so anyway… not so good on updating on vay-cay, I guess.

We’ve had a great time in CA, but have to hit the road back to Pee-town tomorrow.  It’s been quite cold by CA standards only cracking 60 one day since we got here. That said, it’s “the death cold” in Utah, so at least we missed that!

On the drive out, we stopped in St. George to eat and let the kids play a bit. Then, we stopped again at Peggy Sue’s- a 50’s style diner- for milkshakes. Traffic was horrid from Vegas to LA, so it took us a couple extra hours to get here. The wagon is getting a bit tight with three kids, but we manage.

I got to ride my bike quite a bit (for a chump) while out here, which is good since I ate a flarping ton.

Took the girls to the beach the first day here, and of course, they both got completely submerged in the freezing water, while all the Californians were wearing parkas.

Yesterday I did the New Year’s Day ride… anyone who has been reading the blog for awhile may recall that I’ve done this the past few years.  Anyway, it’s a nice way to ring in the New Year… 100 miles with a few hundred riders and it starts only a couple miles from my in-laws.  I got a slow leak in the first couple miles, but managed to nurse it to the first stop in San Clemente. That was quite an effort as it felt like I was dragging an anchor. Anyway, managed to change the flat at the stop and catch on as the group rolled away and the rest of the ride was great. Nice catching up with some of the homies from back when.

Spot the Turbo v. 2011:
























Otherwise, it’s been a lot of time at the park with the girls, and family get togethers galore.

It’s raining this afternoon, so I am taking Haley and Morgs for a daddy daughter date to the movies.

I haven’t really made any New Years resolutions yet… I’ll think about it and get back to you.

Wish us luck on the drive home!!



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