Notes from the drive home…

We made it back to Utah safely, and that’s what counts I guess. Some random stuff from the drive:

The most snow we saw the whole drive was on the Cajon Pass… It was already snowing at the base, which I’ve never seen.  Being the Monday after a holiday week, I figure it was a gift from Himavat to the locals of Big Bear after being overloaded with kooks for two weeks.

Three kids and two adults in a station wagon for 12 hours is getting to be a bit much. I know that’s how everyone did it when we were kids, but wagons were bigger! Saving my pennies for something bigger…

Haley- “Do you know where Justin Bieber lives?”

Me- “No. You want to visit him?”

Haley- “Yes, to tell him he is the best singer EVER!!”

I’ll say.

If anyone finds a Reynolds Assault 46mm full carbon clincher with a blue Continental tire on it along the 15 between Yermo and Primm, please return it to me.  Seriously. Gut wrenching.  I know I won’t get it back, but I hope someone that rides finds it.

Oh yeah, this wasn’t on the trip, but during the trip… I rode about twice what I normally would in a week and gained 2.5lbs. Do the math.

Oh yeah (again), Kelly has officially commited in writing to making her grand reappearance in the bike racing world! I am holding you to this, sweetness!!


7 thoughts on “Notes from the drive home…

  1. I once found a Mavic Crossmax with Michelin MTB tire on the side of the road. The owner got it back. Not likely to happen in your case, but not impossible.

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