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I guess I better post something, lest my vast readership develop SAD. What? That’s not caused by a lack of sweet sweet blogage? Oh, well I’ve already started now.

As my facebook friends know, I had a big training day yesterday.

Session one: Eight Minute Abs

Plan B: Shake Weight (my personal favorite)

Workout 3:  Tony Little Gazelle

I didn’t actually watch any of those videos, so let me know if they are interesting. And sorry if they are “dirty”.

After a week easy, I have been trying to get dow-wown with some good training.  Tuesday was really cold. And I forgot one of my pairs of leg warmers (uh double up, uh, uh), so that didn’t help. It was like 21 degrees when we rolled out, but windy. I’ve ridden down to 7 degrees before. Not pleasant.

Air quality is always a concern this time of year around here. If we don’t have a consistent storm pattern blowing through, dirty air gets trapped in the valleys. SLC had the worst air in the country last week, and Utah occupied 4 of the top 5 (bottom 5) worst spots. Kinda gnarly, but it doesn’t seem to effect me like it does others, so I usually just go anyway. It is a bad sign when the air tastes nasty though.

Haven’t used my ski pass yet… This will be the week though. I can feel it.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post

  1. Are you not doing the “Buns of Steel” video anymore? You might want to stick with it a little longer, if you know what I’m saying.

  2. No, what are you saying?
    And I still haven’t watched the video, but isn’t “Little Tony Little” a little close to that woman in the still frame?

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