Ski #2… No pics, I should get a camera.

Took Haley up to Sundance. I spent an hour or so with her on the bunny slope and then she got one-on-one with her favorite ski instructor uncle. Yes, he is the only ski instructor uncle, but still we are lucky to have him around.  Haley girl has come a long way since last year.

Yesterday I went out to see how dirty it’s possible to make a bicycle on a road ride and I found the answer to be “quite dirty”.  Then we went sledding. The sledding seriously crushed me. I have been tired ever since. 

Nothing else to report really… We’ve been watching the 2nd season of “Flight of the Conchords” and the first season of “Big Love”. Pretty fond of both.

Dinner smells good, better see what’s cooking.


4 thoughts on “Ski #2… No pics, I should get a camera.

  1. Funniest comment ever by you. On your own blog entry. Still laughing. Not sure if I’m laughing cause it’s you that commented only, or if you commented unprovoked, or the actual content of the comment. In ALL of those cases, its damn funny.

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