Back on the Wagon (Ski 4)

Yeah, I just can’t seem to sustain blogging form lately. Moments of greatness mediocrity, followed by a great void…Sounds familiar.

Anyway, took my Morga-muffin skiing yesterday. Unfortunately, Jeffro had lessons all day and could not assist. I could definitely have used the help. She got the idea, but couldn’t quite put it into practice (ie- stop or even slow down much).  Therefore, I pretty much skiied backwards, helds hands with her, or had her betweeen my legs the whole day. Yowch.  Hopefully, we can get her set-up with Jeffy soon as working with him helped Haley immensely. Of course, Haley bird is a couple years older as well.

Saturday I had a great ride with my old friend Gabe. Got in quite a bit of climbing in 3 hours, which is pretty solid for northern Utah in January. Lots of climbs I’d never done too, as Gabe knows all the secrets. Steeeeep climbs, remind me of prepping for the old San Fran GP. If I can get that form back…

Took the girls to the library in the afternoon. Yes, all 3 of them. Gotta give proper props to all the moms and pops who do this regularly. The kids were great, no issues, but you know, herding cats, only have 2 hands, etc. So, anyway, I salute you.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I took the Haley and Morg on a walk around the high school. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but we have a ton of deer in our “new” neighborhood, and with snow melting, there was deer poo everywhere.

The other night the dogs were going crazy, so Kelly went down to yell at them, and there were deer in our front yard, and we had 9 in the cul-de-sac across the street the other day.

Anyway, I have a lot going on at the moment. Working through some issues with the hope of a better existence. Things are good, but they could always be better, right? Wish me luck.


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