International Tour de Turbo Grand Prix Classic

So, as alluded to in the previous post, I spent the weekend gorging myself with all manner of fatty food and did little of what we in the business call “exercise”.

With the realization that I will start racing in a couple weeks, I figured I better get off my duff and crack off my own stage race to try and swing some form…

Don’t get me wrong, this past weekend aside, this has probably been the most consistent winter since I moved to Utah seven long years ago. Maybe not in miles, but in days ridden. Also, I was rather surprised when I went for my weekly weigh in this morning and despite pounding fat all weekend, I am still lighter than I have been in several years… so things aren’t so bad fitness wise. Maybe.

Anyway, the goal here is to do hard rides everyday this week. I can’t swing anything long, but if I can do a couple hard rides/day that will be something. And something is usually better than nothing.

Stage 1 A:

Pre-stage I was already a winner. Alarm set for 5:00 and I was pedalling by 5:03. That is solid, considering there’s two flights of stairs between bedroom and basement. And I didn’t even sleep in my chamois.

90 minutes… Wow, this was one boring stage. I rode rollers for an hour and a half. There was a sprint at the end. I was trying not to be overconfident having already won the race from the bed to the bike. Since it was imaginary and pretty much just a measure of how fast (not very) I can turn my legs over on the rollers, I went ahead and won again.

Stage 1 B: 60 minutes at lunch. Since I had the GC lead and all, it was up to my team (pretty much me) to ride tempo the whole stage to make sure I kept the jersey. The boys boy did a fine job and no one got away, so we kept the lead.


Alright, I probably can’t keep this post up, but you get the idea. I am supposed to go all the way through Saturday, but we’ll see if sleep eventually wins out over early morning rides.



It was a nice and relaxing weekend. You can read about Kelly’s birthday on her blog.  It was nice having it on a weekend, as usually I am scrambling home from work and just pick up a card and this time I could put some effort into it.

Not sure where this post is going to go. I have been lacking the motivation that carried me through winter thus far. Not sure how else to describe it. I just haven’t been myself. So many things I am working on and I just…feel tired all the time. Fell asleep in front of the TV last night, went to be at 10 and still slept until 7. That never happens. I mean, it was nice that I could… Thanks, Haley- She is usually my weekend alarm clock… but it’s out of character and I just…feel lazy.

I have a plan in mind to get back on the proverbial training wagon as that tends to bring the rest of the package together… that’s going to require setting the (non-Haley) alarm for well before dark-thirty daily this week though, which is tough to imagine at the moment. Guess I’ll have to take it like an alcoholic, one day at at time. Keep you posted.

Oh yeah, and since this post is about being lazy. Check out my brother-in-law’s post “Sloth Man”… Sloth Man does not appear to be at all lazy, but I love it!


Good luck to all those racing at Callville this weekend. Actually, starting today.

I’ll be watching the results earnestly for a few reasons.

1). I am a geek

B). Sam Krieg told me he’s on the best form of his life… which is saying something. 20 hour weeks indoors all winter.

4). The return of Alexi Grewal…Mostly anyone reading this knows the story, but if not the short version. Eccentric dude wins ’84 Olympics, tumultuous pro career insues, retires and becomes semi-homeless preacher/advocate/carpenter, decides to race pro again at 50.  Go read his blog, it’s fascinating.













If nothing else, homeboy got a dental sponsor out of this comeback. Presumably, he’s gotten a non-hard hat helmet sponsor as well, so that’s a bonus.  Here’s hoping it works out on the racing end, but if not, here’s hoping he’s can keep moving forward.

Go get ’em, brother.

Total Awesomeliness

I deleted it, but I got a response to the post below that said simply “Go Ice Fish!” with what I can only assume was a spam link to some ice fishing group. I’m sure that would make everything better, but I’m kinda busy right now.

a conclusion…

… this whole down and out thing… it’s just my male PMS flaring up again.

Or seasonal depression.

Or I’m just a big Debbie Downer, as opposed to a “Little Debbie” downer, which sounds tastier, but still depressing.

So the point is… time to turn that frown right side up.

I had a 3 day weekend, which means 4 days out of the office, which means… completely overwhelmed today. Hadn’t even checked facebook until now. I know it’s a Christmas Miracle, right??

Better get back to it, just wanted the world to know I am on my way back.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

As the astute reader will have observed, I have a lot on my mind. That said, even in my most vexing mental moments, I rarely have trouble sleeping. I think I am perpetually tired, so it just tends to come easily. I was thinking about that yesterday, I am pretty much always hungry and generally a little tired, which I think are good signs…but that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, today is the day that I can sleep in a little as I don’t ride rollers first thing, and I don’t go into the office straight away. It’s nice as I can sleep in a little, take a more relaxed approach to the morning, walk Haley to school and then hit the road. For whatever reason, I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep…thoughts swirling through an otherwise empty head!

Little Pipes woke up shortly after 6:00, so it was nice that I could be here to grab her, and hopefully Kelly’s getting a little extra shut-eye. Piper is terrorizing the living room as I write this. I don’t tend to drone on about the family side of things here, but I’m so proud of my girls… It’s been said before, but until yo u have kids, you don’t really understand how fast they grow up.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I have for now. Put the mad crush on Friday and thanks for reading.


I posted this on FB earlier, but you probably didn’t take the time watch it anyway. Plus, I need something above that downer post. This is just what it was like riding in the SL valley today, but without canal roads. Crazy. One of the windier days I’ve ever ridden. The bonus was that it was probably close to 60. Now it’s snowing. Such is life in the mountains.

Off to take the pups for a run.

Onward and Upward

“Trying so hard, failing so fast…”

Dear friends/family,

Sorry for the delay in posting. I know I like hearing what’s going on with you, so if that’s not mutual, forgive that statement. Although, you are reading this…In any case, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I try not to avoid downer posts because…

“As a songwriter and a life liver I try not to sit in a pool of distress.  It is fun to complain, to blame, to talk shit and sit sour and bitter.  But totally not useful in the growth process and that’s the positive side of distress and suffering.  Observing your faults.  Seeing yourself beyond the ego and making an attempt at healing.  Making yourself stronger.  Getting to know yourself better.  Seeing things in perspective.  That’s the gift of pain.”

Anyway, big picture… I am aware enough to realize my “petty problems” are not really significant. And I am very grateful. But I’m working towards something better and it just… can’t come soon enough.  Like G-man said in The Hard Road “when you’re young, you want everything yesterday”.  Well… I’m not young… (depending on who we are comparing), but yeah…

Working towards something better and at this point, I am confident it will come to fruition… just trying to make it happen yesterday.

You be the Judge

The sound quality sucks, no question there.

I don’t know Kayle. I’ve met him here and there, but have no relationship to speak of.

I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. That is my nature… maybe to a fault, but I have to believe that people can change.