You be the Judge

The sound quality sucks, no question there.

I don’t know Kayle. I’ve met him here and there, but have no relationship to speak of.

I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. That is my nature… maybe to a fault, but I have to believe that people can change.




2 thoughts on “You be the Judge

  1. Hmmmm, I appreciated the sport without EPO, Vicodin or soap on the wrist. I just don’t think anyone dopes deserves my respect. I have raced against FAR too many of them. Further, what most don’t understand are the medical impact this stuff has on one’s life. Think Ibuprofen is innocent. Think again. If anyone would like the link to a large meta-analysis on the cardiac risks of ibuprofen (and not just chronic use), I’ll gladly provide it. I may even have the PDF of the article still.

    Point is EVERYTHING we put in our bodies has an impact. This guy didn’t get that. My respect for him is lost. It will remain that way. Good for the sport would have been NOT needing a second chance to do good for the sport.

    Sorry, I’m post call, I’ve not slept in over 34 hours, so this may seem like a rant. But guys like this make me a bit grumpy. I tried like h-e-double-hockey-sticks (family Utah blog here) to get a paid contract. This guy threw his away.

    Off my soap box now. I’m glad I didn’t dope and went to med school.

  2. As you know, Sandy, I couldn’t agree more. I’m at a point though, where, I have to let go of bitterness. People make their choices, I make mine and we both live with the consequences.

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