Onward and Upward

“Trying so hard, failing so fast…”

Dear friends/family,

Sorry for the delay in posting. I know I like hearing what’s going on with you, so if that’s not mutual, forgive that statement. Although, you are reading this…In any case, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I try not to avoid downer posts because…

“As a songwriter and a life liver I try not to sit in a pool of distress.  It is fun to complain, to blame, to talk shit and sit sour and bitter.  But totally not useful in the growth process and that’s the positive side of distress and suffering.  Observing your faults.  Seeing yourself beyond the ego and making an attempt at healing.  Making yourself stronger.  Getting to know yourself better.  Seeing things in perspective.  That’s the gift of pain.”

Anyway, big picture… I am aware enough to realize my “petty problems” are not really significant. And I am very grateful. But I’m working towards something better and it just… can’t come soon enough.  Like G-man said in The Hard Road “when you’re young, you want everything yesterday”.  Well… I’m not young… (depending on who we are comparing), but yeah…

Working towards something better and at this point, I am confident it will come to fruition… just trying to make it happen yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. Keep fighting… that seems to be what it takes… Sorry I didn’t read this sooner.

    of course all of this would be solved if you cleared the garden and got it ready to plant some peas.

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