Good luck to all those racing at Callville this weekend. Actually, starting today.

I’ll be watching the results earnestly for a few reasons.

1). I am a geek

B). Sam Krieg told me he’s on the best form of his life… which is saying something. 20 hour weeks indoors all winter.

4). The return of Alexi Grewal…Mostly anyone reading this knows the story, but if not the short version. Eccentric dude wins ’84 Olympics, tumultuous pro career insues, retires and becomes semi-homeless preacher/advocate/carpenter, decides to race pro again at 50.  Go read his blog, it’s fascinating.













If nothing else, homeboy got a dental sponsor out of this comeback. Presumably, he’s gotten a non-hard hat helmet sponsor as well, so that’s a bonus.  Here’s hoping it works out on the racing end, but if not, here’s hoping he’s can keep moving forward.

Go get ’em, brother.


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