International Tour de Turbo Grand Prix Classic

So, as alluded to in the previous post, I spent the weekend gorging myself with all manner of fatty food and did little of what we in the business call “exercise”.

With the realization that I will start racing in a couple weeks, I figured I better get off my duff and crack off my own stage race to try and swing some form…

Don’t get me wrong, this past weekend aside, this has probably been the most consistent winter since I moved to Utah seven long years ago. Maybe not in miles, but in days ridden. Also, I was rather surprised when I went for my weekly weigh in this morning and despite pounding fat all weekend, I am still lighter than I have been in several years… so things aren’t so bad fitness wise. Maybe.

Anyway, the goal here is to do hard rides everyday this week. I can’t swing anything long, but if I can do a couple hard rides/day that will be something. And something is usually better than nothing.

Stage 1 A:

Pre-stage I was already a winner. Alarm set for 5:00 and I was pedalling by 5:03. That is solid, considering there’s two flights of stairs between bedroom and basement. And I didn’t even sleep in my chamois.

90 minutes… Wow, this was one boring stage. I rode rollers for an hour and a half. There was a sprint at the end. I was trying not to be overconfident having already won the race from the bed to the bike. Since it was imaginary and pretty much just a measure of how fast (not very) I can turn my legs over on the rollers, I went ahead and won again.

Stage 1 B: 60 minutes at lunch. Since I had the GC lead and all, it was up to my team (pretty much me) to ride tempo the whole stage to make sure I kept the jersey. The boys boy did a fine job and no one got away, so we kept the lead.


Alright, I probably can’t keep this post up, but you get the idea. I am supposed to go all the way through Saturday, but we’ll see if sleep eventually wins out over early morning rides.


4 thoughts on “International Tour de Turbo Grand Prix Classic

  1. Did you ride 90 minutes on the rollers with no caloric intake before or during? I know this is an old trick to get the body into fat burning mode, but I have found that after about 60 minutes I start to feel not so great. Maybe I should just HTFU, I did read a study recently that testified that it actually works, unlike other old pro advice I’ve received like “play in the waves in order to absorb positive ions” or “eat raw horse meat.” Here’s the article in case you didn’t see it:

  2. Yeah, I don’t have time to eat anything and I just drink water when riding. I saw that article. Not sure how effective it is, or is not. I usually feel just a little woozy when I get done.
    If I was really training eastern block style, I would do this, then have breakfast, then do my “real ride” for 4-5 hours.

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