It was a nice and relaxing weekend. You can read about Kelly’s birthday on her blog.  It was nice having it on a weekend, as usually I am scrambling home from work and just pick up a card and this time I could put some effort into it.

Not sure where this post is going to go. I have been lacking the motivation that carried me through winter thus far. Not sure how else to describe it. I just haven’t been myself. So many things I am working on and I just…feel tired all the time. Fell asleep in front of the TV last night, went to be at 10 and still slept until 7. That never happens. I mean, it was nice that I could… Thanks, Haley- She is usually my weekend alarm clock… but it’s out of character and I just…feel lazy.

I have a plan in mind to get back on the proverbial training wagon as that tends to bring the rest of the package together… that’s going to require setting the (non-Haley) alarm for well before dark-thirty daily this week though, which is tough to imagine at the moment. Guess I’ll have to take it like an alcoholic, one day at at time. Keep you posted.

Oh yeah, and since this post is about being lazy. Check out my brother-in-law’s post “Sloth Man”… Sloth Man does not appear to be at all lazy, but I love it!


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