Last Day

Yes, as of tomorrow, I will be unemployed self-employed! Very excited (and nervous) about this prospect. A brave new world awaits!

I was cleaning out my desk and found a newsletter from when I first started:

We have two additions to the Reynolds team. We acquired Ryan Barrett and —————— (name withheld to protect the guilty). Ryan has been racing bikes his entire life beginning at the local BMX track at age 4 and continuing on today as the Utah State Road Race Champion. Between those two eras, he’s been an NCCA All-American, member of the US National Team, and pro cyclist with the NetZero and Schroeder Iron teams.  Ryan was also featured in the full-length documentary “The Hard Road”…

Put another way, he’s doesn’t have much experience in the bike industry per say, but he rides A LOT! What more could you want?

Pretty funny, to me at least.

What with the super-d-duper weather at the moment, I considered riding in for my last day, but reconsidered as I’ll be emptying out my desk, bringing my laptop along, etc.  Not to mention, I’d get home rather late.

I’ve picked up some pretty good lines and I am confident in this move.  It will take some time as many of my brands are not currently stocked with any dealers in the territory (UT, ID, WY, MT- for the record), but they are quality stuff that makes sense from a dealer perspective, so now I just have to make it happen.

Wish me luck!



If you think he’s guilty, he just got off easy for ratting out more dopers.

If you think he’s innocent, ok great, 6 months off a two year suspension that was undeserved, lost a top level contract and on and on.

I guess this development is  good either way, but it’s hard to know what to think.

The Lazy Post- A How To (or Not)

San Dimas Stage Race?

What’s worse is I’ve probably used this tactic for the same story previously…It’s bound to happen. This weblog has been around awhile now… Don’t judge me.

So much new snow in the mountains. Makes life difficult. I haven’t really trained this week. I mean I rode, but nothing solid. I have limited “me time”, and yes, I am lucky to have that. 

Oh hey, look at that, this is turning into a real post.  Had to go up and alter the title.  Back in my work life, I have 4 days left in the office. I have picked up some good brands. They are mostly without any dealers in the area, but that makes it fresh right? This stuff sells itself… Or so I hope!

Anyway, I’m sitting here with Haley on my lap. She’s learning more and more about computers in school and is very curious about the typing process.  Kinda makes posting difficult, though, so I guess I’m off to see what the weekend brings. Enjoy, ya’ll.

The cycle and why I can’t be a triathlete

For those keeping score, I managed to arrive to the meeting on the correct date, at the correct location and time, as well. Score one for me.

Scored some sweet, sweet blissful sleep last night as well. Then, someone brought donuts into the office. They are super healthy donuts too. Or so I’m telling myself. So, yeah, things are looking up.

Of course, now that I feel modestly recovered, I have to take note that I am falling behind in that whole training game.  Ah, the circle of self-inflicted suffering.

On that note, I just found out there is a sprint distance triathlon in American Fark this weekend. I was thinking I’d do RMR, but I am somewhat tempted to don my gay apparel for the tri instead. Second thought, it’s a $50 entry fee with a $5 late fee with no prize list. Now, I remember why I am a bike racer. All that money I make!!!!! Seriously though, a late fee three weeks before an event shows a clear difference in the thought process of a bike racer vs. a tri guy. How do I know what I am going to do in three weeks?? I’d probably show up a week ahead of time if I signed up that far out.


Case of the Tuesdays

Wish I had something better for the webloggio than ANOTHER post about my lack of sleep.  Fell asleep easy peasy, but when Morgan had a bad dream at 1:00, I was up for a few hours. When the alarm went off at 6:30, it felt like I’d just drifted off. So worked now. Conjuring up the motivation to go pedal around for lunch. After a week of spring like temps, we are back into “sprinter”… typical Utah spring conditions- wind, sun, rain, snow all in the same day. I’ll just have to dig a little deeper into the european carry-all of motivation, I suppose.

Not helping is that the meeting that I nearly went to on the wrong night last week (you remember, I’m sure)  is tonight. I am excited for it, but it’s just a tough night as it will mean a late homecoming. Gotta be there, though!

Starving all the time ever since the race too. Gotta do something about that tapeworm one of these days.

Wait, am I whining?

Tour De La Soul










Remember these guys? Yeah, we did a tour in their honor. It definitely wasn’t “Tour Del Sol” as there was no sol in sight. Overall, it was a pretty successful weekend. I went in with really high hopes for our team and we didn’t quite pull it off, but we got the first mass start win under our belts and got the feel for racing together. I am going to give my personal feel for the race as I’ll have to do the team write up later and don’t really want to do it twice.

Before I get into it though, I gotta give it up to my Kelly… I’m sure she’ll have pictures from her weekend as a single mom in the cold desert shortly. It can’t be easy carting around three kids in the wind and cold all weekend, while I play bike racer, but the good news is we are still married. Honestly, we got through it pretty well. Not sure how.

Back to the race. There was a time trial. I sucked as per. I borrowed Jared Eborn’s bike and had the fastest wheelset on earth on, but probably should have ridden his bike more than once before racing it. That said, the bike was not the problem. I just can’t TT. If I had been really good, maybe I was 8th instead of 15th or something.

Then there was a crit. Canyon had 10 guys… People used to complain when we brought 8 Sienna guys, but whatever. Made things tricky. That said, the crit was our best stage. Sleevie and Garrett went 1-2 out of a break. I almost made it across to the break, but got popped off the chase group as soon as I caught on…. Needed that one more effort. It’ll come. Just need to blow the cobwebs out. The break wasn’t so good for us GC wise, but really by the time the RR was over, it made no difference.

I thought I might get dropped on the first hill in the RR, so I surprised myself by dragging in for 5th. I was in a bad way by the finish, but everyone was and I think I mostly just needed calories. Hardwood (Canyon) took everyone to school, being the lone survivor out of the early break and nailing the G.C.. He was with Sleevie and Jason Asay/DC. Asay/DC was last seen on the side of the road 25k from the finish. Not sure what happened there, but it looked like he just rode himself into the ground. Hopefully, he made it back to his car?  We caught Sleevie maybe 5k from the finish and he was ugly, paperboying all over the place. I wasn’t much better and I hadn’t been off the front all day.  To put a positive spin on it, only 11 guys finished! So um, yeah, it was hard.  Hopefully, I am seeing the fruits of a little more “training” and a little less “eating” over the winter and with a couple more races, we’ll see some of the old school mad crushing form. Usually I come out a stage race better and I definitely seemed to feel better with each stage this time, so here’s hoping.

I met up with the fam bam in Snow Canyon state park and had lunch before we hit the road. I’ll let Kelly fill you in on the dive I let our family stay in, Morgan’s crash, etc… Overall, I had a great time. I was amped like a junior to get racing again, and came out of it even more motivated.


So there’s this new high school mountain biking program starting up here. I don’t know what exactly is planned, but it certainly sounds like a good thing, right? Anyway, there was to be a planning meeting today (or so I thought), so I scheduled my day around it… For the uniniated, for another week or so I am commuting daily. The meeting was closer to work than home, so I planned to stay around Salt Lake Valley after work rather than heading back to Utah Country. Of course, just planning to show up to the meeting wasn’t enough and I had to let the world (ie- Facebook) know I was going.

So, I leave work and park where the meeting is to take place and go for a ride. About an hour later, my phone rings… “hey, I saw your wall post and the meeting is next week”.


I could blame it on everything going on at the moment, but the truth is I am just a scatter-brain like that. I’ll be back again next week. I’ll probably get the time wrong or something.

I won’t be late though. I may get the date or time wrong, or even go to the wrong location, but I am never late!!!

Hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone else with my posting…

Oh yeah, and to put a positive spin on it… my confusion enabled me to get out on a 2nd ride on a stellar spring (like) day, and I got home in time to put the girls to bed.

No Sleep ’til Provo

Morgan woke up crying around 11:45 last night.  I asked her “what’s wrong?” about 6 times with no response. After a few minutes of this, she got up and peed and goes back to bed. She got up, went to the bathroom and peed, I should have said. It wasn’t an exorcist moment or anything. Anyway, I hate that too, you’re so cozy. Still, it would be nice if she would answer me.

In any case, I fell asleep really easily around 10:30, but once I was up, I was up. I spent a couple hours pondering the mysteries of the universe (and bike sales) before finally falling asleep once again. I don’t feel that stressed out during the day, but man, nights have been hard lately.

That’s all I have… work to do.


Since my big announcement (below), I have been overwhelmed by the amount the support of my friends, and extended “social network”. I have been given some solid leads for new brands to pick up, which makes me even more certain that I can do this and it was the right choice. Beyond that, everyone has been super supportive and it’s good to know, you’ve got my back. So, thanks!! I can’t wait to get out there.

I had a great day “on the road” and even got home in time to do a solid ride with a couple of teammies. It was in the low 60’s and sunny, and just one of those days that makes you appreciate being a cyclist. I spend so much time riding by myself and just trying to hammer or with the time frame of a lunch ride over my head, it was super nice to just go for a bike ride. Honestly, it’s been ages. Then, I came home to a GREAT dinner and a happy family. Am I getting too sappy over here? Whatever, can’t a guy just be stoked?

Today I am riding out to RMR, a local race series. They run it on Saturdays in March and then it turns into the Tuesday nighter. I don’t get out there much as it’s pretty far from my pad and I generally like to be home in the eves with my girls. Kelly and the girls are going to drive down and then we’re going to picnic in a park.  Should be a good test of form ahead of next weeks’ season opener and yeah, things are looking up! On that note, I’m no mathlete, but I think this is my 13th or 14th year as a Cat. 1 or better…still amped like a junior to get racing!

Thanks for reading.