Big Wheels Keep on Turning…

For The Mop:













In other news, Stage 2 went okay. Stage 2 A was another steady tempo ride at lunch and S.2 B was a hard climbing/interval workout after the kids went to bed. I have a loop in my neighborhood- probably 3.5 miles around- 3/4 mile steep climbing (up to 16%), similar descent (note to self- don’t tell Kelly you are doing 50 mph descents in the dark!) and 1.5 ish of flat-rolling on the top and the bottom. It’s pretty brutal and pretty much the best flogging I can give myself in 45 minutes (twss).

I’m sure there is some other more exciting stuff I could share, the wheel of samsara keeps on turning after all, but I should probably start knocking out the pile of work on my desk.


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