For those keeping score…

Stage 3a- Another hour of tempo at lunch. Stage 3b- 30 min. run with the pups. What?!? No one told me this was a “duathlon” (biathlon’s have shooting-sounds way cooler) stage race.

Stage 4a- DQ’d… Yeah, I set the alarm for 5:28, trying to beat my record for getting down the stairs by 5:33. It worked, but I had to narc myself out as it only counts if you set the alarm for an even time, like 5:30.  Cheaters never win… Okay, maybe sometimes they do, but hopefully ten years later they retest their blood samples and… Oh, nevermind. Anyway, I did another hour on the rollers. 4b- Another hour of tempo for lunch.

The volume is still pretty minimal compared to what a lot of guys are doing, but it’s about all I can fit this time of year… and for better or worse, I am feeling it.


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