Kelly says I’m a Liar

A few posts ago, I was mentioning how I always sleep well… darling wife pointed out that was pure hogwash and the last few nights’ have shown her correct.  Due to not sleeping the night before, I fell asleep pretty easily last night, but once Morgan woke me up at 4, I was up for the day. Got on rollers at 4:30 just cause and rode 2 hours.  Longest roller ride since the 90’s. Winning. Charlie Sheen style, but without the nose candy.

Or is riding the rollers for two hours losing? I don’t know. I can’t make sense of anything at the moment.

I might be tired later.

Or now.

Anyway, I’ll fill you in on the reason of my unrest soon enough. Pretty well at peace with everything now to be honest.


4 thoughts on “Kelly says I’m a Liar

  1. It’s called having children and getting older. When I hear an expert say it’s essential to get 8 hours of sleep I just laugh and laugh and laugh until people start to stare and wonder about my sanity.

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