The next chapter…

…begins here.

So, as my “friends” on FB will have noted, I turned in my three week notice on Monday. 

Last fall, I was allowed the opportunity to visit dealers one day/week and found that I was pretty successful and enjoyed it moreso than the desk job. It makes sense- driving has always been easy for me and it’s not hard to talk about cool stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it work and think I have it figured out enough to make a go of it.

Yes!! With three kids, mortgages, etc this leap scares me. It is easy enough to show up everyday to a job, take your paycheck, and benefits and figure that’s how things are. I tried it and wasn’t overly satisfied. Maybe one day I’ll be back at a desk, but for now I need to try something new.

I’ll be doing UT, ID, WY, and MT, so if anyone out there knows a good line looking for someone in these parts, give me a shout. And yes, that is a big territory. I figure it’s at least 85% Utah and like I said, I don’t mind driving.

Independent Sales Rep. I like the independent part.

I am going to push a good bit harder on the coaching side as well, so if anyone out there in readerland is looking for a coach, holla atcho boi.

Also, going to try and do more writing. Not blogging. Okay, maybe blogging too.

4 thoughts on “The next chapter…

  1. Follow your dreams over the rainbow to the land of unicorns. Wait, that’s from a Disney or something.

    But seriously, I wish you well on the new venture. Gotta go with what feels right.

  2. Thanks, I am super supportive and super psyched for you as well. And all the other readers. Life’s a garden, dig it.

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