So there’s this new high school mountain biking program starting up here. I don’t know what exactly is planned, but it certainly sounds like a good thing, right? Anyway, there was to be a planning meeting today (or so I thought), so I scheduled my day around it… For the uniniated, for another week or so I am commuting daily. The meeting was closer to work than home, so I planned to stay around Salt Lake Valley after work rather than heading back to Utah Country. Of course, just planning to show up to the meeting wasn’t enough and I had to let the world (ie- Facebook) know I was going.

So, I leave work and park where the meeting is to take place and go for a ride. About an hour later, my phone rings… “hey, I saw your wall post and the meeting is next week”.


I could blame it on everything going on at the moment, but the truth is I am just a scatter-brain like that. I’ll be back again next week. I’ll probably get the time wrong or something.

I won’t be late though. I may get the date or time wrong, or even go to the wrong location, but I am never late!!!

Hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone else with my posting…

Oh yeah, and to put a positive spin on it… my confusion enabled me to get out on a 2nd ride on a stellar spring (like) day, and I got home in time to put the girls to bed.


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