Case of the Tuesdays

Wish I had something better for the webloggio than ANOTHER post about my lack of sleep.  Fell asleep easy peasy, but when Morgan had a bad dream at 1:00, I was up for a few hours. When the alarm went off at 6:30, it felt like I’d just drifted off. So worked now. Conjuring up the motivation to go pedal around for lunch. After a week of spring like temps, we are back into “sprinter”… typical Utah spring conditions- wind, sun, rain, snow all in the same day. I’ll just have to dig a little deeper into the european carry-all of motivation, I suppose.

Not helping is that the meeting that I nearly went to on the wrong night last week (you remember, I’m sure)  is tonight. I am excited for it, but it’s just a tough night as it will mean a late homecoming. Gotta be there, though!

Starving all the time ever since the race too. Gotta do something about that tapeworm one of these days.

Wait, am I whining?


4 thoughts on “Case of the Tuesdays

  1. I know… you do so much for me. Should’ve known better. Still have two cookies to ration out to myself this afternoon.

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