The cycle and why I can’t be a triathlete

For those keeping score, I managed to arrive to the meeting on the correct date, at the correct location and time, as well. Score one for me.

Scored some sweet, sweet blissful sleep last night as well. Then, someone brought donuts into the office. They are super healthy donuts too. Or so I’m telling myself. So, yeah, things are looking up.

Of course, now that I feel modestly recovered, I have to take note that I am falling behind in that whole training game.  Ah, the circle of self-inflicted suffering.

On that note, I just found out there is a sprint distance triathlon in American Fark this weekend. I was thinking I’d do RMR, but I am somewhat tempted to don my gay apparel for the tri instead. Second thought, it’s a $50 entry fee with a $5 late fee with no prize list. Now, I remember why I am a bike racer. All that money I make!!!!! Seriously though, a late fee three weeks before an event shows a clear difference in the thought process of a bike racer vs. a tri guy. How do I know what I am going to do in three weeks?? I’d probably show up a week ahead of time if I signed up that far out.



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