The Lazy Post- A How To (or Not)

San Dimas Stage Race?

What’s worse is I’ve probably used this tactic for the same story previously…It’s bound to happen. This weblog has been around awhile now… Don’t judge me.

So much new snow in the mountains. Makes life difficult. I haven’t really trained this week. I mean I rode, but nothing solid. I have limited “me time”, and yes, I am lucky to have that. 

Oh hey, look at that, this is turning into a real post.  Had to go up and alter the title.  Back in my work life, I have 4 days left in the office. I have picked up some good brands. They are mostly without any dealers in the area, but that makes it fresh right? This stuff sells itself… Or so I hope!

Anyway, I’m sitting here with Haley on my lap. She’s learning more and more about computers in school and is very curious about the typing process.  Kinda makes posting difficult, though, so I guess I’m off to see what the weekend brings. Enjoy, ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “The Lazy Post- A How To (or Not)

  1. Ha ha, I am pretty sure I found your blog because of this article, or vice versa, can’t remember. It bears reposting though, IMHO, as I actually revisit it every so often when I’m feeling unmotivated to train. That race was notable for me in a different way–I was a new cat 2 and way over my head trying to “defend” Alex Smith’s 5th place in the time trial. He had a bad day and was dropped early, then I got dropped with Tinker at one point but I chased back on and he didn’t, which at the time blew my mind. I was back in the pack when Walker casually rode away on the feed zone climb, then later got dropped. Coming into the finish with one to go all the other dudes I had been struggling to make the time cut with had dropped out, and I was actually slowing down at the finish line to tell the officials I was pulling out when I saw Walker coming into view, looking every bit the vampire with white salt crust creating the illusion of a deathly pallor. It occurred to me that if he looked so much worse than I did and yet was winning the race, I’d better stop being such a wuss and finish the race myself. Since the laps were pretty short I even ended up making the time cut, and finished in the top 15 in the crit the next day. A true HTFU moment for me.

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