Last Day

Yes, as of tomorrow, I will be unemployed self-employed! Very excited (and nervous) about this prospect. A brave new world awaits!

I was cleaning out my desk and found a newsletter from when I first started:

We have two additions to the Reynolds team. We acquired Ryan Barrett and —————— (name withheld to protect the guilty). Ryan has been racing bikes his entire life beginning at the local BMX track at age 4 and continuing on today as the Utah State Road Race Champion. Between those two eras, he’s been an NCCA All-American, member of the US National Team, and pro cyclist with the NetZero and Schroeder Iron teams.  Ryan was also featured in the full-length documentary “The Hard Road”…

Put another way, he’s doesn’t have much experience in the bike industry per say, but he rides A LOT! What more could you want?

Pretty funny, to me at least.

What with the super-d-duper weather at the moment, I considered riding in for my last day, but reconsidered as I’ll be emptying out my desk, bringing my laptop along, etc.  Not to mention, I’d get home rather late.

I’ve picked up some pretty good lines and I am confident in this move.  It will take some time as many of my brands are not currently stocked with any dealers in the territory (UT, ID, WY, MT- for the record), but they are quality stuff that makes sense from a dealer perspective, so now I just have to make it happen.

Wish me luck!


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