Heck of the North

We have this race “Hell of the North”. I love it. History will show I’ve been 2nd a couple times, 4th a couple times, 5th… One of these years, I’ll win it.  Yesterday, I was in the winning break and flatted with a lap to go. This is the third time I’ve flatted out of the winning move. Not that this makes me special. My man Sleevie crashed, got back on, and flatted out of the winning move. Harward was killing it and flatted three times! The first two he caught back on, which was huge because it was on pretty much all day. I was 4th yesterday, then we did an extra lap and I was 5th! Don’t ask. You might think with ten fingers we could keep track of ten laps, but it’s tough when you are pegged, and yeah, no lap cards!

Like the terminator says, “I’ll be back”. 

It was about 75 yesterday. I woke up to 6″ of snow this morning. Today is Sundance’s last day (with over 100″ base!!). I am guessing they got at least a foot. We are very lucky to have Grandma in town and willing to watch the girls, so Kelly and I can go shred. We’ll have her dad, and bros with us, so it should be a hoot. I haven’t skiied in more than a month as my brain fully engaged to bike racer, so we’ll see if I can make my way down the hill.

Oh yeah, had a good first day out on Friday. Will have to update on that later. Need to get this day going!!


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