New Whip

Continuing my theme of keeping the blog a day behind FB. I’m sure there’s someone out there who reads this that I’m not “friends” with:

I may switch out to standard white wheel decals. Thanks for all involved in that important debate!

I also may not run the stem quite so extreme. It’s 140, for sure, but the angle (of the dangle) is adjustable and -17 may prove a bit much.

In other news, somewhere between “Heck of the North” and finding out Kelly is preg-o, we went skiing. On that note, it’s dumping at the moment, but Sundance is closed.  Rain/snow is supposed to continue through the weekend. Going to be a tough Tour of the Depot. I am out as Saturday is Piper’s 1st birthday and a double stage day isn’t in the plans. 

Keep fighting the good fight, all y’all.


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