Bed Rest

No, not for me. For those out of the proverbial “know”, Kelly has a subchorionic hematoma. Basically, a wound that needs to heal before baby 4 grows too much. I am amazed at how many people have had the same and how much support has been offered. We sincerely appreciate it!  Hopefully it doesn’t last too long as it really tough on Kelly.

It sounds like a license to vay-cay, but when you are used to being the one doing everything for everyone, it is tough to be unable to do anything. Kelly’s mom has been incredible.  And while I am having to forego some of my usual fun times (boohoo, right?) , I think it’s probably good for me to get a sense of Kelly’s routine. I don’t think I could handle it alone. Hope to never find out! We make a pretty good team.

Anyway, with the girls’ cousin Jetts’ birthday and Easter this weekend…should be interesting!


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