As per, here I am at McDonalds -not McDowell’s- “they have the golden arches, we have the golden archs”. Sorry, got sidetracked… As I was saying, I have a few minutes to kill.

I am not going to lie… This whole bed rest thing reallly sucks!! I know it is driving Kelly crazy. I hate not knowing how long it’s going to last. Brutal. I have changed more poopy diapers in the last week than probably the total for the rest of my life! I even had a dream about poopy diapers the other night.

Ok, rant over.  Gotta do, what you gotta do. And as mentioned, we are lucky to have a great support network. And timing wise, having more flexibility than I would have previously has helped immensely too. So, really, we are lucky and I should be grateful. I won’t say it’s not hard though!

In other news, I managed to get out for a ride with my father-in-law last night. It was sunny, calm and low 50’s when we left. Of course, over the course of the 90 minute ride, we got rain, hail, wind… And it’s snowing on and off and upper 30’s today. Gotta love spring in the mountains!! Snowbird may just stay open all summer at this rate.

Oh, I guess I’m ranting again. Don’t get me wrong. Utah is “the place”! Just looking forward to our normal arid climate.

Alright, back to it.

Wait, one more thing…since I’m already complaining… I got a really bad haircut. Ha!


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