Thanks, Jradness. You are always good for letting me know when I am slacking on the blog front.

The good… Kelly had an appointment with a specialist yesterday and I was lucky enough to tag along.

Things look good! Baby is healthy, I heard the heartbeat and…(drumroll)…it’s a girl!!

Imagine that.

If things continue well, Kelly will be off bed rest a week from today! Fingers crossed.

The bad… How can I put this? The past month has sucked! Yes, we are extremely lucky and blessed to have my mother-in-law and mom tag teaming for help. And really, it’s been nice just getting to spend time with both. Would be nicer under different circumstances though!

Since it’s a cycling blog and all, I’ll point out that while I was mostly able to keep racing the past month (thanks to the women mentioned above) , I rarely rode between Saturdays. Typically once or maybe twice a week. I am hoping to turn that around, but can’t help the feeling that I am starting from scratch fitness wise. Luckily, I am good at faking it!

In other bad news, Haley had strep throat last week and now Piper has an ear infection. It is always something with kids!

The ugly? I won’t go there, concentrating on the good… Things are looking up!

Will try to be a more frequent updater going forward.


Remind me to sit in next year…

For the 2nd year on the trot, I was in the early move at Bear Lake. For the record, the year before that I won by being as conservative as possible. Anyway, the course is way flat and windy and just too easy to chase on, so being in a two up break that you know is doomed… maybe not so smart. I was just following moves, making sure we were represented and the next thing I know, it’s me and one other guy. And it stayed that way for the next 50 miles or so. Ouch, baby, very ouch. Sleevie said that some other teams did have to chase and he ended up winning (again!), so all’s well that ends well, I suppose. Long ride back for me after getting dropped like a rock though.

The other highlight of the day was driving with Tyson Apostol though. Yes, we drove up, raced, and drove back in one day. 300+ miles in the car and 100+ miles on bikes. Hard to conjure up a better partner for such an adventure. Thoroughly entertaining.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day in Provo and the kids are up. Time to get after it.

I needed that…

You know that feeling when you haven’t been on the bike in awhile and you hop on and it feels like you’re riding someone else’s bike? It’s been awhile, but I got that today. Luckily, I found the sweet spot. I headed up Squaw Peak. As I climbed, it started raining. Gently, then harder…I don’t know what the story is, but I have never felt so good on that climb… which is odd since this was the first time I’ve climbed it this year, and since I wouldn’t say I’ve been “training”. In any case, and sorta related to yesterday’s post, I thought a lot about AB.

I am going to skip around here as I was amazed to get home and find that Sam sent me this shot (focus on the sleeve):

So, I am climbing this hill just feeling awesome… and the rain- a perfect metaphor for the way this spring has gone. Wait, that’s not a metaphor, it has literally been raining like mad. But, you know what I mean. A tough patch for sure. But on this ride, I am going with the rain, not against it. I found the flow or the primordial mojo or what have you.

Or maybe I just needed some exercise. Chase some demons. Whatever the case, it was good and I feel a little more like myself tonight.

I know I’ve posted this previously, bear with me:

“As a songwriter and a life liver I try not to sit in a pool of distress.  It is fun to complain, to blame, to talk shit and sit sour and bitter.  But totally not useful in the growth process and that’s the positive side of distress and suffering.  Observing your faults.  Seeing yourself beyond the ego and making an attempt at healing.  Making yourself stronger.  Getting to know yourself better.  Seeing things in perspective.  That’s the gift of pain.”

From the liner notes of Shelter’s “The Purpose. The Passion”.


Most likely anyone reading this (save maybe my mom), will know this, but Wouter Weylandt died in the Giro yesterday . Others have eulogized far more eloquently than I am able, but certainly this should cause all of us to pause. And to think.

I don’t consider cycling to be a dangerous sport.  Maybe I should? From my perspective, I may stack it in the last lap of a crit and lose some skin. And sure, someone I know will break a collarbone pretty much every year, but the thought of actually dying is pretty far from my thoughts…despite knowing several people (peripherally, if not closely) who’ve been killed.

A couple years ago I remember having the thought “if I haven’t quit racing now, I never will”. This spring has probably taken that to a new level. I spend a lot of time questioning what I’m doing… but the sport has given me so much. I don’t think I’ll ever be to the point where I’m giving back more than I’ve taken, but I am trying.

Sometimes I lose the balance for sure.

All-in-all, if you’re still alive, you have to do what you love. So today, I’ll get on my bike at some point. It may be half an hour on rollers after everyone else is asleep, but I’ll get it done and I’ll love it.

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed…just a lot of thoughts in my head at the moment.




State Crit Titles

This picture may be worth a thousand words, but I’ll go ahead and add a few more. Yaaahh, my man Mike “Sleevie” Booth won the state crit titles. We went in with a plan and executed it pretty close to right on. Sleevie was in the break of 5 that lapped the field with ~10 minutes to go. We surfed him around the front pretty good.  I had one more good kick left on the last lap, but wound up crashing after young Colin Joyce tagged one of the course barricades. He definitely took the brunt of the impact, so here’s hoping he’s okay.

The thought I had going over the bars was “I really can’t get hurt now!” given Kelly’s status at the moment.  Luckily, I popped right up and was able to watch Sleevie take the sprint.

On that note…Happy Mother’s Day, Kelly!! And all the other great moms out there!


Yeah, so I failed on that whole “update from the road” concept. The dive notel (yes, no tell) I was in took about 15 minutes to load a page on their “free wi-fi”, so I couldn’t be bothered. The expo did have wireless, but you know, I was supposed to be working or something.  The expo was indoors and away from the venue, so it felt really disconnected and slow. Especially yesterday. I ended up bailing early as the only people I was talking to were others “working” in the booths. All that said, I am big fan of the events. One day, I expect I’ll do an Ironman, or at least Iron distance event.

Today, however, one sport is all I can handle. And then some. State crit chumps on tap!

Off to St. Geezy in the morn…

That could be the whole post, but I guess then I would only need FB/Tweeter and not a webloggio.

So, umm, yeah, I am off to St. George in the morning to stand in a booth at the expo of Ironman St. Geezy the rest of the week. I don’t know what time the expo opens or where it is exactly, but I’ve never been one to sweat details.  Make it to St. Jorge and follow the compression socks, I guess.

Kelly’s mom is staying with her and the girls in my absence. Kelly is on bed rest, if you are really off the back.  Things are looking up there, so fingers crossed.  She has an appt on Thurs, hoping for good news.

It’s supposed to be in the 90’s in the big Geezy, so that might be a shock after snow here a few days ago. That said, at least I am not doing an Ironman in it; that would be insane!

Gotta make it back Friday night and get ready for the state crit chumpionship on Sat.

I’ll update from the road… You’ll be holding your breath, I’m sure.

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play…

Antelope Island… the short version… Blitz Krieg rode awesome and was off the front all day, and needed someone (ie- me) there when he got caught at the end. I was good all day, but didn’t quite have it when Chase sprung a, umm, chase group on the feed hill. I was the last guy to get popped and four guys went across to Sam. Bummed.  Ended up 6th.

Big ups to Chase… he’s having a great year, and I think if his team gets him to more big races, he’ll show even more. Colin Joyce- watch this kid. 17 and in his first 1-2 race and was 2nd.

I didn’t know what to expect going in. It’s true that I’ve had a lot going on lately, but it’s also true that everyone has an excuse!! I’ve usually been good for this race, so I guess I expected to be good again. And I wasn’t bad, just not quite good enough. Motivation.

This post sounds kinda down and out, and that’s not the way I mean it. I had a great day out with the boys, and I am lucky to have been able to be there at all. Just need to sharpen up a touch.

Oh yeah, one more mistake I made… New teammate Easy E Ellis and I had a clear gap on the group we were in and I outsprinted him. We were kinda joking around about it, but in retrospect, he needs upgrade points, so it was pretty dumb on my end. I didn’t even think of it in the moment.