Off to St. Geezy in the morn…

That could be the whole post, but I guess then I would only need FB/Tweeter and not a webloggio.

So, umm, yeah, I am off to St. George in the morning to stand in a booth at the expo of Ironman St. Geezy the rest of the week. I don’t know what time the expo opens or where it is exactly, but I’ve never been one to sweat details.  Make it to St. Jorge and follow the compression socks, I guess.

Kelly’s mom is staying with her and the girls in my absence. Kelly is on bed rest, if you are really off the back.  Things are looking up there, so fingers crossed.  She has an appt on Thurs, hoping for good news.

It’s supposed to be in the 90’s in the big Geezy, so that might be a shock after snow here a few days ago. That said, at least I am not doing an Ironman in it; that would be insane!

Gotta make it back Friday night and get ready for the state crit chumpionship on Sat.

I’ll update from the road… You’ll be holding your breath, I’m sure.


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