I needed that…

You know that feeling when you haven’t been on the bike in awhile and you hop on and it feels like you’re riding someone else’s bike? It’s been awhile, but I got that today. Luckily, I found the sweet spot. I headed up Squaw Peak. As I climbed, it started raining. Gently, then harder…I don’t know what the story is, but I have never felt so good on that climb… which is odd since this was the first time I’ve climbed it this year, and since I wouldn’t say I’ve been “training”. In any case, and sorta related to yesterday’s post, I thought a lot about AB.

I am going to skip around here as I was amazed to get home and find that Sam sent me this shot (focus on the sleeve):

So, I am climbing this hill just feeling awesome… and the rain- a perfect metaphor for the way this spring has gone. Wait, that’s not a metaphor, it has literally been raining like mad. But, you know what I mean. A tough patch for sure. But on this ride, I am going with the rain, not against it. I found the flow or the primordial mojo or what have you.

Or maybe I just needed some exercise. Chase some demons. Whatever the case, it was good and I feel a little more like myself tonight.

I know I’ve posted this previously, bear with me:

“As a songwriter and a life liver I try not to sit in a pool of distress.  It is fun to complain, to blame, to talk shit and sit sour and bitter.  But totally not useful in the growth process and that’s the positive side of distress and suffering.  Observing your faults.  Seeing yourself beyond the ego and making an attempt at healing.  Making yourself stronger.  Getting to know yourself better.  Seeing things in perspective.  That’s the gift of pain.”

From the liner notes of Shelter’s “The Purpose. The Passion”.


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