Remind me to sit in next year…

For the 2nd year on the trot, I was in the early move at Bear Lake. For the record, the year before that I won by being as conservative as possible. Anyway, the course is way flat and windy and just too easy to chase on, so being in a two up break that you know is doomed… maybe not so smart. I was just following moves, making sure we were represented and the next thing I know, it’s me and one other guy. And it stayed that way for the next 50 miles or so. Ouch, baby, very ouch. Sleevie said that some other teams did have to chase and he ended up winning (again!), so all’s well that ends well, I suppose. Long ride back for me after getting dropped like a rock though.

The other highlight of the day was driving with Tyson Apostol though. Yes, we drove up, raced, and drove back in one day. 300+ miles in the car and 100+ miles on bikes. Hard to conjure up a better partner for such an adventure. Thoroughly entertaining.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day in Provo and the kids are up. Time to get after it.


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