Etta and Belle-Belle

I let the dogs out again on Monday night. No, it was not intentional, but I left the gate wide open after mowing the backyard. They were missing again overnight and I found them at a shelter the next morning. They’d been hit by a dumptruck, but were both alive. Belle seems fine. Etta is very sluggish. Not at all like my dogs. The vet wanted us to take them to an emergency facility, but we just can’t afford it right now, so I brought them home. Etta has been resting in the house. It’s been 36 hours now and she seems slightly better, but I am trying not to get excited because we still don’t know what’s happening internally.

Assuming they are okay, we may have to find a new home for the dogs. It pains me to say it, because I do love the pups, but living in constant fear that they’ll get out is taking it’s toll. It would be very difficult for me to explain that to my girls, especially Haley, who is super sensitive and loves all animals. On the other hand, it would be harder to tell her that they’ve been hit and killed. Most dogs run, but they don’t go so far. I think Britneys as a breed…they just run, full speed, for hours. Now that I’ve written it…I really don’t want to do that. 

Maybe we can look at an electric fence? Please let me know if you have other ideas or experiences.


Millcreek, Alpine Loop (x2), Wolf Creek (private climb out of Heber), Squaw Peak (x3), N. Ogden Divide, Cascade Springs… yeah, I did some climbing last week! Don’t be fooled, the volume wasn’t huge (good for me, though) and I actually had a really good work week as well. Took Sunday off and spent it with the girls too. It may seem like an odd way to get ready for a crit heavy few weeks, but I just felt like I needed to get back to basics.  Psychologically and physiologically, nothing gets me going like climbing (in training!). I’m sure I’ll be lacking a bit of speed, but that comes back quickly to me.

The next few weeks racing look like this: 4 crits around July 4th, AB Memorial and Jackson Crits, and yes, I am planning a return to Boise Twilight! Of course, it’s me, so any of this could fall through at any time, but that’s the plan. Well, I’d be realllly suprised if the AB Crit fell through, as that’s a family tradition and I plan on being there every year.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, time to start a new week… Going to be tough to top the last one, but I’ll try!

Looking up…

Yup, things are looking up.

I don’ t know where this post is headed, but I love summer.

I saw a tweet of someone locally complaining about the heat. If this were not a cyber connection, I may have kicked this person in the junk. Yes, we cracked 90 today, but there’s like 0% humidity here, you big whiny baby!!

Since this is a geeky biking blog, here’s the latest… I made a rare decision to not race this week. I was planning on last night (won by Sleevie, which seems to be becoming a habit) and Saturday at E-Center v. 2.0, but I thought with the way the last couple months went a week of training would be good. And so far, I think I made the right call. Time will tell!

In other news, no one in our house has barfed in like 3 days. It’s awesome.  Also, the sprinklers are working and the dogs are in their kennel. Why do I feel like I need to brace for the next impact??


Ok, when we left off I was dealing with the sprinklers and getting ready to hit out for Chicago…Unfortunately, on Wednesday, I woke up with an unmistakeable rumbly in the tumbly… Remember, two kids had gotten sick at that point. No matter, I was off to Chicago. I was able to fake it pretty good by just only eating at the dinners and didn’t have any major issues. Until late Thursday night/Friday morning. This was the day I was to travel home. And it got ugly. In any case, I made it home. I seriously feel I was in survival mode to get there. Got in and (bless Kelly’s soul) was able to go straight to bed and I really didn’t get out until Saturday morning.

Weighed in later that day at a shocking 157. Quite light for me, but somehow I don’t think it’s a good thing.

Anyway, I am on the mend, now, but my poor Haley bird is down for the count. Kelly is the only one left standing. She is a tough cookie and I am hoping her fortitude and maybe some pregnancy hormones are keeping her strong. After all that bed rest, she is due some healthy time, I think.

Being a self-centered cyclist, I am of course, going to bring this back to me… Can’t seem to catch a break. Keep getting knocked back fitness wise. And life wise. I could throw in the towel on fitness…life would be tougher! In either case, not my style. Try, try, again. Make lemonade, and all that crap.

I realize my problems are petty compared to others, but it’s my bloggy and I’ll whine if I want to. On the other claw, it’s father’s day, this is dad life (oldie, but goodie) and I wouldn’t trade it.


Sprinklers 3, Turbo 0

Yeah, so I had an incredible ride on Saturday. Seriously, I hope I never live away from the Alpine Loop. I feel sorry for you because you almost certainly live further from the Alpine Loop than I do.

Anyway, I got back and it was time to turn on the sprinklers… I knew we had a few heads busted because kids and dogs=broken stuff! Unfortunately, the damage is more severe than anticipated and I gotta say, I can’t blame the dogs or the kids…I must’ve failed to run the sprinklers after turning off the water in the fall as we have several cracked pipes… and several large holes in the backyard to prove it. 3 days in and hopefully all’s well. Will know when I test it in a few. Fingers crossed.

In between all that fun, we’ve had two kids come down with the harfies, our dogs escaped and were missing overnight (again, my fault and luckily they were returned by a good samaritan), and ummm, yeah, there’s still that whole insurance issue over our heads. Oh yeah, and I leave for Chicago on Wed morning.

I am joking about it now, and I realize people deal with larger issues, but yeah, I have come close to cracking a couple times.

Really Can’t Come Up With a Suitable Title at this Time.

Went and did the Ozone Crit in Pleasant (pregnant) Grove this evening… it was the kind of course that would be awesome for me if I was riding well. Instead it was more of the same. Not terrible, but not terribly awesome. The break went super early (without me) and then I just kinda plodded it out. And suffered to do that. I have put together some decent rides recently though, so I think physically I should be good in a week or two. Hopefully. Mentally…things can only get better. When you find yourself on the start line thinking “I should probably be home right now” consistently, you’re probably not going to be at your best.

Had a good chat with my Kelly this evening and I am a lot better now though. Love that girl.

Thanks to my good friend the Sleevie as well.

The Cobra Situation

So there was a “mix-up” between my former employer and Cobra. Cobra sent us a payment form which included the wife and kids, but the pricing did not reflect that. Now, we owe for the month that we payed only for me and are (as far as I can tell) unable to get new insurance due to Kelly being knocked up.  In other words, we are stuck with an extra $600/month on our insurance bill. Yowch.

Not sure what we can do, if anything. Things were pretty tight as is, so umm, yeah, I guess I just need to make a lot more money! 

That’s one cobra that really bites!