Birthday Ride

As promised, I hauled my self up Alpine Loop for my birthday gift to myself. I’ve never been much of a picture guy on the blog, but thought I’d give it a “shot” (ha! I slay myself).

Starting out from a church parking lot. Always a good choice.

I had to decide whether to match my shoes to my bike or to my kit the other week…I chose the bike. What do you think? I struggle with these kinds of decisions daily.

I met up with my homeboy Bryson Perry for most of the ride. This is the view I had for most of it. He was soft pedalling and too nice to actually drop me.

I managed to get next to him one time to get a picture. He almost fell over from going slow enough for me to get next to him. I think he’s laughing at me in this picture.

We made it to the top… Unfortunately, I seem to have developed a giraffe neck on the way up and the photo isn’t centered at all. It is better than the alternative one I took though.

Sorry, kids, the Sundance side is still not open… It’s supposed to be like 90 soon, so I’m sure this will all melt soon.

Some other radness ensued on the ride that my photojournalism skillz were not up to shooting, like surprising a mother and her baby moose on the descent. Overall, A+ awesome ride. Hope to get some more of them going here as the 2.5 hour ride left me feeling like I did 6 hours…

The rest of my birfday killed as well. Kelly had homemade tacos going when I got home. This is a once a year deal as the shells are rather time consuming to produce, but so worth it. My mom’s husband Ken made the drive up from Sedona and made it for dinner, along with my brother-in-law, Matt and his family. The main story, however, is the tacos.

Just kidding. But seriously, they kill.

Also received a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” from my in-laws via telephone, so yeah, great birthday!


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