The Cobra Situation

So there was a “mix-up” between my former employer and Cobra. Cobra sent us a payment form which included the wife and kids, but the pricing did not reflect that. Now, we owe for the month that we payed only for me and are (as far as I can tell) unable to get new insurance due to Kelly being knocked up.  In other words, we are stuck with an extra $600/month on our insurance bill. Yowch.

Not sure what we can do, if anything. Things were pretty tight as is, so umm, yeah, I guess I just need to make a lot more money! 

That’s one cobra that really bites!



3 thoughts on “The Cobra Situation

  1. Really really sympathize, as insurance has caught my wife and me out a couple times to 5-figure amounts. How this is “helping” our health care is beyond me.

    Than again, how being pregnant can be exempted as a “pre-existing condition” is beyond me as well.

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