Really Can’t Come Up With a Suitable Title at this Time.

Went and did the Ozone Crit in Pleasant (pregnant) Grove this evening… it was the kind of course that would be awesome for me if I was riding well. Instead it was more of the same. Not terrible, but not terribly awesome. The break went super early (without me) and then I just kinda plodded it out. And suffered to do that. I have put together some decent rides recently though, so I think physically I should be good in a week or two. Hopefully. Mentally…things can only get better. When you find yourself on the start line thinking “I should probably be home right now” consistently, you’re probably not going to be at your best.

Had a good chat with my Kelly this evening and I am a lot better now though. Love that girl.

Thanks to my good friend the Sleevie as well.


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