Sprinklers 3, Turbo 0

Yeah, so I had an incredible ride on Saturday. Seriously, I hope I never live away from the Alpine Loop. I feel sorry for you because you almost certainly live further from the Alpine Loop than I do.

Anyway, I got back and it was time to turn on the sprinklers… I knew we had a few heads busted because kids and dogs=broken stuff! Unfortunately, the damage is more severe than anticipated and I gotta say, I can’t blame the dogs or the kids…I must’ve failed to run the sprinklers after turning off the water in the fall as we have several cracked pipes… and several large holes in the backyard to prove it. 3 days in and hopefully all’s well. Will know when I test it in a few. Fingers crossed.

In between all that fun, we’ve had two kids come down with the harfies, our dogs escaped and were missing overnight (again, my fault and luckily they were returned by a good samaritan), and ummm, yeah, there’s still that whole insurance issue over our heads. Oh yeah, and I leave for Chicago on Wed morning.

I am joking about it now, and I realize people deal with larger issues, but yeah, I have come close to cracking a couple times.

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