Ok, when we left off I was dealing with the sprinklers and getting ready to hit out for Chicago…Unfortunately, on Wednesday, I woke up with an unmistakeable rumbly in the tumbly… Remember, two kids had gotten sick at that point. No matter, I was off to Chicago. I was able to fake it pretty good by just only eating at the dinners and didn’t have any major issues. Until late Thursday night/Friday morning. This was the day I was to travel home. And it got ugly. In any case, I made it home. I seriously feel I was in survival mode to get there. Got in and (bless Kelly’s soul) was able to go straight to bed and I really didn’t get out until Saturday morning.

Weighed in later that day at a shocking 157. Quite light for me, but somehow I don’t think it’s a good thing.

Anyway, I am on the mend, now, but my poor Haley bird is down for the count. Kelly is the only one left standing. She is a tough cookie and I am hoping her fortitude and maybe some pregnancy hormones are keeping her strong. After all that bed rest, she is due some healthy time, I think.

Being a self-centered cyclist, I am of course, going to bring this back to me… Can’t seem to catch a break. Keep getting knocked back fitness wise. And life wise. I could throw in the towel on fitness…life would be tougher! In either case, not my style. Try, try, again. Make lemonade, and all that crap.

I realize my problems are petty compared to others, but it’s my bloggy and I’ll whine if I want to. On the other claw, it’s father’s day, this is dad life (oldie, but goodie) and I wouldn’t trade it.



2 thoughts on “Aaarghhh

  1. You’re now officially lighter than me. Tagged at 158 at the Dr’s office on Thursday AM. My scale still has me at 152….that’s gotta be a record. Figured I’d comment also to wish you a happy fathers day, you stud.

  2. Don’t worry, buddy, I drank someone water and cracked 160, so the universe is balanced with me being heavier than you again. And 8″ taller.

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