Looking up…

Yup, things are looking up.

I don’ t know where this post is headed, but I love summer.

I saw a tweet of someone locally complaining about the heat. If this were not a cyber connection, I may have kicked this person in the junk. Yes, we cracked 90 today, but there’s like 0% humidity here, you big whiny baby!!

Since this is a geeky biking blog, here’s the latest… I made a rare decision to not race this week. I was planning on last night (won by Sleevie, which seems to be becoming a habit) and Saturday at E-Center v. 2.0, but I thought with the way the last couple months went a week of training would be good. And so far, I think I made the right call. Time will tell!

In other news, no one in our house has barfed in like 3 days. It’s awesome.  Also, the sprinklers are working and the dogs are in their kennel. Why do I feel like I need to brace for the next impact??


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