Millcreek, Alpine Loop (x2), Wolf Creek (private climb out of Heber), Squaw Peak (x3), N. Ogden Divide, Cascade Springs… yeah, I did some climbing last week! Don’t be fooled, the volume wasn’t huge (good for me, though) and I actually had a really good work week as well. Took Sunday off and spent it with the girls too. It may seem like an odd way to get ready for a crit heavy few weeks, but I just felt like I needed to get back to basics.  Psychologically and physiologically, nothing gets me going like climbing (in training!). I’m sure I’ll be lacking a bit of speed, but that comes back quickly to me.

The next few weeks racing look like this: 4 crits around July 4th, AB Memorial and Jackson Crits, and yes, I am planning a return to Boise Twilight! Of course, it’s me, so any of this could fall through at any time, but that’s the plan. Well, I’d be realllly suprised if the AB Crit fell through, as that’s a family tradition and I plan on being there every year.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, time to start a new week… Going to be tough to top the last one, but I’ll try!


One thought on “Ascension

  1. I really wish I could be in IF for the AB crit. I will get there again soon, but this whole job thing and 80hr weeks makes it completely impossible (read: sucky). Good luck. I head you and Sam were crushing it last night at the first TM Crit.

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