Where were we?

The week kinda flew out-of-control. When we left off, the dogs had been hit by a dump truck. Remarkably, they both seem to be recovering and are just about back to their old selves. I believe in miracles.  Just look around, they are everywhere.

Morgan fell off her scooter and knocked her head pretty good. 3 stitches.

Sleevie won the first race of the weekend and then promptly crashed and smashed his arm/elbow into a million pieces.

And, devastatingly, a local racer, David Thompson, crashed on Wed. night and died from the injuries. Rest in peace.

Kelly did a nice synopsis of our spring/early summer. All these events lead to quite a bit of introspection for me. I wrote a post where I basically quit racing. And then deleted it.

I don’t know when I’ll quit racing, but it won’t be today. And as long as I can ride, I will.

Here’s to a more relaxed week. Be safe out there everybody.


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